53' Van Trailer

The LANGENDORG proven FLEXINER will REPLACE 53' Van Trailers currently on the road in North America!


Van Trailers 







  • 18% to 50% more usable space than a conventional 53' trailer taking advantage of the double decking filling-up all of the air space
  • Two Flexliners Substitute Three Conventional Semi-Trailers
  • 39% Less Transport Movement
  • 36% Reduction in Fuel Savings and Road Tolls 
  • Ground Level Access Reducing Injury and Improving Production  rgonomically friendly
  • Aerodynamic Ground Level Design allowing a safer drive to lesson drag to ensure minimal air resistance for stability & maximum weight distribution
  • More Room for Graphics to Display Company Name – Becomes a Rolling Billboard on our Smooth Skins
  • Smooth Skins which mean No Rivets that eventfully will cause Leaks  (please see photo below of our smooth skins) – Becomes an impressive Rolling Billboards with your  Logo prominently, having No Clusters of rivets eliminates rippling on the sides and surfaces & everyday maintenance of keeping the trailer clean, waxed and polished can be extremely time consuming because of the rivets. It just makes it expensive to care for. The panel is an intricate part of the trailer construction. It should be noted that the upper level of the trailer holds 20 tons which is greater weight than the lower level > the lower level has less floor space than the upper level.
  • 40% Less co2 Emission                              




Economic advantages


  • Two Langendorf-Flexliners replace three standard vehicles (based on European design)
  • Wage and operating costs reduced by approx. 30%
  • Short loading / unloading time due to easy handling 
  • Low maintenance and repair costs by using high quality components
  • Better usage of the vehicles due to two loading decks to be used independently from each other, which makes it possible to transport different kinds of goods at once  



Technical advantages 


  • Double Deck load with loading heights of 1,830 mm on both decks
  • 55 Europallets, 87 Roll containers or 39 industrial pallets, volume approx. 110 m³ (European design)
  • Approximately  60 % more capacity as compared with standard vehicles with space for 34 Europallets (European design) 
  • Payload 25.000/28.000 kg with a perm. total train weight of 40,000/44,000 kg (European design)
  • Technical payload of the upper deck 20,000 kg by regular load distribution
  • High flexibility by own tail lift with up to 3,000 kg capacity
  • Smooth design and the closed sides offer a very good protection of the load
  • High driving safety and simple handling by a complete equipment in highest technical level (e.g. Wabco Roll Stability Support)


Wide range of use:


  • LCL freight on pallets
  • Roll Containers
  • Safe transport of fragile goods with reduced packing
  • Textiles on hangers, etc.  


Case Study

A customer recently gave us an overview of his Flexliner use of the last two years and we compared it to a standard EU semitrailer:  

Age of Flexliner: 2 years

Km: approx. 500,0000km (approx. 312,500 miles)

Shuttle service, distance between the stocks: 500 km (approx. 312 miles)  


Flexliner Loaded with 87 roll containers (815 x 720 mm) each transport Kilometer reading after 2 years: 500.000 km total / 500 km per transport = 1.000 Transports 1000 transports x 87 containers = 87.000 containers total  


Capacity of standard EU semi-trailer = 54 roll containers  87000 roll containers (Flexliner) / 54 roll containers (EU semi-trailer) = 1.611 Transports  


1 Flexliner saved 611 transports in two years